Thursday, May 16, 2013

Conversations with hairstylists

Conversations with new hairstylists that I tried out using a Groupon. Keeping in mind they are trying to win my business to become my regular stylist.

- "Your hair has no style, it is like a mop on your head."

- "TWO CROWNS???? - that is really weird. You must really struggle to style your hair."

- When asked what hair products I use, I answered that I sometimes use spray gel. "WOW - the last time anyone used spray gel was in the 80's"

- When asked about my highlights, I said that my Mom did them for me using a drugstore box. "Tell your Mom not to quit her day job".

- "You really should have brought an umbrella with you today. When you go out in the rain after we are done, your style will be ruined". He said this to me several times even though I explained that my car is just out front of the salon and I have a hood on my jacket.

- "What is happening with your colour????. I'm really not sure what can be done to fix this, it's almost unworkable". (Note: this is my normal hair colour that I've been walking around with for years.)

- "If you don't like the cut, there is a box of tissues on the counter so you can have a cry."

- After I said I just wanted a trim because I like the overall length, he decided to cut it short because he said that would be a better style for me.

PS - I'm not looking for a new regular stylist, I have a great one. She makes me feel beautiful (at the beauty salon.... novel concept...), not a freak of nature.

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